Who are skalgiftes.nu

Hallo. My name is Jes Madsen. I'm a it entrepreneur.
I created this website after making a lot of websites for couples getting married, and thereby got the idea to create a web service making it easy to setup a website with the features needed for a wedding.

So if you are in need of just that, then read on.

How our site works

We host your wedding site and offer a lot of features for you to be able focusing on your wedding.
See some of them to the right.

How to set up a site

This is the easy steps to set up your site.
  1. You start by selecting a name for your site
  2. Select a design.
  3. Setup the site with content.
  4. Publish your site.
  5. Print a QR code for each guest to stick on the invitation, and the guest will be directed to your site.
The guests can now login at your site and state a RSVP, and show the other guests what they will buy you on the wish list (only guests logging in will be able to see that, not the wedding couple (this feature can be turned off in the settings)).

After the wedding date is passed, the site changes features. A pre entered thank you message from the wedding couple will now be shown on the site. The guest will now be able to upload pictures from the wedding and write a guestbook.

See an example of what a site can look like below.
Before wedding features
  • Picture gallery
  • Guest list with QR codes
  • Send invitations by email
  • Easy guest RSVP
  • Ønskeliste
  • Events with navigation
  • Top quality templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Statistikker
After wedding features
  • Guest book
  • Guest picture upload